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Focus on STO

STO: specialist plastic parts maker on the move

Photo: STO

In specialized manufacturing, the ability to deliver complex solutions with impeccable quality and accuracy is central to success.

It is with that ethos that Kamianske-based Spetztekhosnastka (STO), an ISO-certified manufacturer of specialized injection molds and plastic parts for automotive and other industries has witnessed exponential growth.

Our prices are 30 percent lower than our German competitors

Vladimir Lempert

Founder and CEO, STO

As a mold manufacturer with highly trained workers and sophisticated engineering and research capacities, STO provides customer-specific solutions for its clients, which supply top international brands such as Audi, Volkswagen and SodaStream.    

Founded in 1989, the company is rapidly gaining market share in Western Europe and the Middle East and expanding at an annual rate of 20 percent. “We can grow faster, and our prices are 30 percent lower than our German competitors,” says Vladimir Lempert, STO’s founder and CEO.

Photo: STO

Lempert is looking for financing to boost his equipment and increase plant capacity.  

“With us, you always know that our products are accepted as high quality by our clients. We make automotive, packaging and medicine molds, and hold expertise in all those areas,” he said.