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Biosphere in focus

Europe’s rising consumer goods powerhouse

Photo: Biosphere Corporation

An innovative approach to branding has seen Biosphere drive the national retail industry forward. Now, its sights are set on becoming one of Europe’s top household goods and hygiene companies 

In two decades, the company founded by Dnipro-born Andriy Zdesenko has evolved from a local start-up to an international giant, with one million products sold each day in 15 countries.

Today, the charismatic entrepreneur has led Biosphere to become Ukraine’s market leader in the sale of hygiene products and fast-moving consumer goods, thanks to a focus on developing relationships with end consumers.

“The brand is the main value of a company because it is the customer interface,” said Zdesenko. “Our strategy has been to be the brand leader in each category.”

This strategy has paid off, with the company leveraging its success at home into solid partnerships with multinationals across Europe. As the company strives to meet its 2025 global turnover target of $500 million (€438 million), it is now setting its sights on further expansion into the European market with investment in new technology, labor and vertical integration.

For Zdesenko, Biosphere’s success will pave the way for more of Ukraine’s manufacturers. “If European companies start working with good Ukrainian producers, all of our reputations will be enhanced,” he says.



Biosphere has already won the trust of multinationals operating in Ukraine, from KFC to McDonald’s and Ukrainian International Airlines. As it looks to conquer the broader European market, Biosphere has developed a strong private label offering as a first step to building relationships with retailers including French international retail group Auchan, German trade and retail giant Metro, and Polish supermarket chain Biedronka.


With a series of well-designed and quality brands, Biosphere is putting Ukraine on the map as a reliable manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods. The company began a partnership with Walt Disney and Universal Studios in 2012, using characters from popular cartoons on the packaging of wet wipes. In order to renew its license, every year Biosphere undergoes an audit of its production complex by representatives of both studios, ensuring its continued compliance with the strictest of international standards.


A new era of sustainability is rising. According to a recent survey conducted by Nielsen, 81 percent of global consumers say it’s extremely or very important for companies to implement programs to improve the environment. Biosphere’s commitment to making the world a cleaner place puts it firmly at the forefront of the green movement in Ukraine. With sustainable products including a range of eco-formulated detergents and dishwashing liquids, the company recycles more polyethylene than it produces and has implemented a water filtering system for its recycling facility to minimize the environmental impact of its manufacturing practices. As a regular national partner of World Cleanup Day, Biosphere was the first to introduce the Swedish practice of ‘plogging’ – which combines jogging with picking up litter – to Ukraine.