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Focus on Ukrlandfarming Group

Ukrainian agribusiness powerhouse optimistic about future in Germany

Ukrlandfarming Group (ULF) sees great potential in EU markets and presents opportunities for collaboration

According to the chairman and founder of ULF, Oleg Bakhmatyuk, Ukraine’s agricultural sector should be divided into three segments: small farms that provide food security to local markets, medium-sized companies operating in holdings, and a top layer of high-tech, large-volume producers that achieve industry benchmarks of effectiveness and contribute to global food security. ULF, with assets worth around €2 billion and a focus on precision farming methods, clearly falls into the latter category.

Ukrlandfarming’s products include grain, meat, milk and eggs (Avangardco), which exports to 40 countries

Oleg Bakhmatyuk

Founder & Chairman, Ukrlandfarming
Photo: Ukrlandfarming Group (ULF)

An example of Ukraine’s massive agricultural potential, ULF, with more than 570,000 hectares of highly fertile land, produces enormous quantities of high-quality grains, milk, meat, eggs (Avangardco holding) and more. Created in 2007, it now sells its products to 40 countries and industry giants. Although the markets for some of its products in the EU are restricted, the company expects to make big strides in Europe in the years to come. 

Photos: Ukrlandfarming Group (ULF)

“The German market is one of the most lucrative markets, and we are very excited about entering it,” explained Bakhmatyuk. “As more German investors come into Ukraine, the easier it will become for Ukraine to export its farming products to Germany because both sides will be bound by mutual interest.”