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SoftServe's journey to global success

Photo: SoftServe

The first Ukrainian IT company to go global has blossomed into a key player across a range of technology segments as it expands into European markets including Germany

Having recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding, SoftServe is the ground-breaking forerunner from the Lviv IT scene, first moving into the US market and now expanding its presence rapidly in Europe, where its share of overall revenues has shot up from five to 20 percent in the blink of an eye.

Photos: SoftServe

SoftServe is a great global company that can provide digital and technological transformation to any business

Yaroslav Lyubinets

Chairman, SoftServe

SoftServe now has more than 6,000 employees, delivering its range of consultancy and software development services, with innovative specializations in cutting-edge areas, including AI. “SoftServe is a great global company that can provide advice for digital and technological transformation to any business of any size and type,” said Chairman Yaroslav Lyubinets, who has witnessed the company’s remarkable journey over a period in which technology has transformed the global economy.

SoftServe’s digital designers and engineers have made important strides in harnessing the power of big data, robotics and machine learning, creating solutions such as an application for the auto industry that recognizes driver emotion by monitoring the heart rate, and the use of drones and sensors to improve agricultural output. The company invests heavily to nurture its talent pool, even creating a corporate university that provides courses for thousands of people each year.

Expanding in the German market 

In Germany, where SoftServe has offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and soon in Munich, the company’s expertise in manufacturing, healthcare and fintech serve it especially well. Today, SoftServe works with a range of German clients including software providers and multinational corporations.

“The German market is very promising for us,” Lyubinets comments. “German clients have very clear business goals and in that sense, they are the best, as it makes it easier for us to help them achieve their goals.”

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